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      Fuel Cell Systems
      SynRoad H120
      (1) High compatibility. The first to adopt the modular design concept in the industry, the system integrates multiple stacks into modules to deliver 100-400 kW power output. More systems can be wired in parallel to achieve 100,000,000 W level system output; (2) High efficiency. With a rated working efficiency of 44% and max working efficiency 61%, the system has attained the leading level in the industry; (3) Vast application. The design standard covers such scenarios as road transport, rail transport, ships, movable power stations and fixed power generation.
      Designed for Commercial Vehicles
      Designed for Commercial Vehicles
      Easy Maintenance
      Adapt to Bad Working Environment
      Fast Dynamic Response
      Longlife Time
      Rated Power(kW) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm) Voltage(V) Current(A) Mass Power Density(W/kg)  IP Grade
      120 189 1000×664×662 450-750 0-300 714 IP67

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