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      Fuel Cell Systems
      SynRoad G80
      The SynRoad G80 Fuel Cell Power Module is mainly designed for commercial vehicles. A highly integrated solution is adopted and the SynStack GI high-performance stack independently developed by Sinosynergy is incorporated. Moreover, the module is integrated with the air subsystem, the hydrogen subsystem and the cooling subsystem, featuring convenient maintenance and high reliability. It is mainly used in medium buses, medium- and light-duty trucks, medium and light dump trucks and other types of vehicles.
      Designed for Commercial Vehicles
      Easy Maintenance
      Adapt to Bad Working Environment
      Fast Dynamic Response
      Long Lifetime
      Rated Power(kW) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm) Voltage(V) Current(A) Mass Power Density(W/kg)  IP Grade
      80 168 895x660x545 200-360 0-495 503 IP67

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