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      Fuel Cell Air Filters
      SynFilter T150
      The SynFilter T150 Air Filter, to which a new type of MOF filter material is adopted, is applicable to fuel cell vehicles with a power of 150 kW, with the adsorption and filtration performance superior to similar products at home and abroad. It is featured with the simple structure, easy to install and replace, long life, excellent performance, and low cost.
      Designed for FCV
      MOF Filter Material
      Strong Adsorption
      Low Cost
      Easy Maintenance
      Long Lifetime
      Dimension(mm) Shape Shell Material Rated Air Flow(m3/h) Matched FC Power(kW) Pipe Dim of Outlet(mm) Recommended Replacement Cycle
      Pipe Dim240×492 Cylindric Metal 500 150 104 20,000KM or 800 Hours(Stack Working Hours)

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