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      Public Transport Vehicles
      A hydrogen fuel cell refers to a device that generates electricity through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The driving force is supplied by the electric motor in the car, just like a pure electric car. Therefore, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can be considered as an "electric vehicle with a hydrogen fuel generator.”

      The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is mainly composed of a high-pressure gas storage tank, a hydrogen fuel cell stack, a fuel cell booster, a power battery pack, a drive motor, and a power control unit.

      The fuel cell bus equipped with Sinosynergy’s fuel cell can be filled up by hydrogen fuel within 3-5 minutes, with a single range up to 500 kilometers, zero emission, low noise, and stable operation.
      Application cases
      Fuel cell bus demonstration lines in Foshan and Yunfu
      At the end of 2016, the Foshan and Yunfu fuel cell bus demonstration lines, whose solutions, core equipment, hydrogen refueling stations and other services are provided by Sinosynergy, were put into operation.
      Hydrogen fuel cell bus operation line (8.6-meter) in Foshan
      In December 2018, more than 500 fuel cell buses (8.6-meter), equipped with Sinosynergy's hydrogen energy products, were put into service in Foshan.
      Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles exported to Malaysia
      In May 2019, a hydrogen fuel cell bus, equipped with Sinosynergy's hydrogen fuel cell products, was delivered to Malaysia for operation.
      Hydrogen fuel cell bus demonstration line in Qingdao
      In November 2020, a hydrogen fuel cell bus, equipped with Sinosynergy's hydrogen fuel cell system, was officially delivered to Qingdao and was put into demonstration operation.
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