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      Company Profile
      Sinosynergy Established in June 2015, the Company has evolved into a leading player with dominant market position in China’s CV hydrogen fuel cell (“HFC”) space. The Company is committed to provide excellent hydrogen fuel cell products and robust system solutions, with the mission to contribute to the society by solving energy and environmental problems.

      In 2017, the Company built a world-leading hydrogen fuel cell stack production facilities , and passed the ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality system certification. Thanks to the strong independent R&D and innovation capability, high-quality and reliable products, and excellent service infrastructure, the accumulated market share of the Company's stack products has taken a leading position in the domestic market over the past five years.

      Adhering to the tenet of "innovation, tenacity, openness, and win-win", the Company promotes the commercialization of fuel cell technology in the fields of road transportation, rail transportation, shipbuilding, and distributed power generation through continuous technological innovation and high-quality large-scale production. The Company cooperates with upstream and downstream enterprises for a win-win collaboration, and jointly create a bright future of clean and sustainable development.

      June 30th
      Establishment of Sinosynergy
      Nov. 18th
      The demonstration line of buses with the on-board Sinosynergy fuel cell system, was officially put into operation in Foshan.
      July 1st
      The production line in Yunfu was officially put into operation, which was the largest hydrogen fuel cell stack production line in the world at that time.
      Oct. 25th
      Passed the high-tech enterprise certification.
      Jan. 28th
      Passed IATF16949:2016.
      Apr. 28th
      Won the honorary title of May 1st Labor Award of Guangdong Province.
      Mar. 22nd
      Awarded the plaques of national post-doctoral research center and doctoral workstation.
      Jan. 15th
      Dr. Yan Xiqiang, the Deputy General Manager of Sinosynergy, was awarded the Special Government Allowances of the State Council in 2018.
      July 1st
      Inauguration of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Hydrogen Energy Technology
      July 16th
      Received a 180-million-yuan investment from Shanxi Meijin Energy Co., Ltd.
      Sept. 2nd
      Won the titles of the National Green Factory and the National Green Supply Chain Management Demonstration Enterprise.
      Dec. 4th
      Awarded the title of the Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in China.
      Mar. 25th
      Awarded the second prize of the Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019.
      Oct. 18th
      Released the Hongxin G series Fuel Cell Stack and the Hongtu G series high-power fuel cell system.
      Dec. 23rd
      Won the Yunfu Municipal Government Quality Award in 2020.
      Mar. 18th
      Cooperation with 5 companies to build a world-leading hydrogen energy technology industrial park in Chongqing.
      Sept. 27th
      Signed with Ordos Eji Horo Banner People's Government a strategic cooperation agreement on building a national demonstration zone of the hydrogen energy industry.
      Dec. 20th
      The World’s First Hydrogen Digital Rail Rubber-Tired Tramcar with Sinosynergy Participation Rolls Off.
      Apr. 8th
      Shi Taifeng, Secretary of the CPC Inner Mongolian Committee and Director of the People’s Congress Standing Committee, Wang Lixia, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairwoman of the Autonomous Region, and guests attending the motivational meeting to push forward the construction of major projects for high quality development inspect the Sinosynergy commercial vehicle powertrain assembly production project. Meanwhile, Sinosynergy inaugurated ceremoniously the most powerful graphite plates fuel cell stacks and systems in the world - SynStack GIII fuel cell stacks and SynRoad H fuel cell systems.
      Award and Qualification
      National High-tech Enterprise
      National Green Supply Chain Management Demonstration Enterprise
      Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in China
      National Green Factory
      National Postdoctoral Workstation
      Doctoral Workstation of Guangdong Province
      Guangdong Key Laboratory of Hydrogen Energy Technology
      First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award
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      R&D Team
      Sinosynergy has actively introduced a number of experts in the hydrogen fuel cell industry from home and abroad, and its core R&D team has many years of experience in fuel cell system and vehicle development.The company has completely independent intellectual property rights, a standard development process and a perfect quality management system, and possesses leading engineering design and trial production capabilities in the development of fuel cell stacks and power systems. Sinosynergy has focused on the independent R&D and innovation of hydrogen fuel cells, and has made a number of technical innovation achievements since 2015.
      Henry Liu
      Expert of fuel cell system
      Mr. Liu serves as the Doctor and the Professor, the Member of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standard Society. As the former Technical Head, he successfully helped develop the first fuel cell locomotive in China and the first commercial fuel cell/supercapacitor hybrid tramcar. He worked successively at Tsinghua University and Southwest Jiaotong University, and he mainly engaged in research on hydrogen energy and fuel cell. Then he won the first prize of the Entrepreneurial Achievement of the China Invention Association and the second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award.
      Allen Yan
      Doctor of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
      State Council Special Allowance Expert
      Winner of National May Day Medal
      Mr. Yan is the doctor, the Deputy Director of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standard Society, the winner of the National May Day Medal, and the State Council Special Allowance Expert. He has engaged in hydrogen fuel cell technology research for a long time, and has committed himself to solving the main technical bottlenecks of fuel cell industrialization. he has published more than 30 academic papers in domestic and foreign journals, and has applied for more than 100 patents.
      Gang Zhao
      Expert of fuel cell materials
      First Prize of Dalian Scientific and Technological Invention
      First Prize of Entrepreneurial Achievements of China Invention Association
      Mr. Zhao serves as the doctor. He worked at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and engaged in the R&D of fuel cell stacks and systems. He also has published about 20 scientific research papers, and has obtained more than 20 national authorized patents.
      Contact Us
      23/F,Building C, Vanke Financial Center, 55 Jihuawu Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong Province 528012, China
      10 South Area, Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Park, Silao Town, Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China 527326